Andre Malan open to CSNI return in 2019

South African professional Andre Malan was one of the standout performers in the NCU last season, scoring 940 runs (four centuries and four fifties) and taking 43 wickets.

The 27-year-old returned to his homeland last month, but he could be potentially making a welcome return next season.

If the Stormont-based side can bring Malan back, they have a great chance of picking up silverware in 2019.

Marc Ellison leads by example at the top of the order, while an array of young stars now have another season under their belt at the top flight.

Here, Malan takes time out of a busy schedule to talk about his first season in Belfast, how special he thinks CSNI is as a club and most importantly of all, if he will be back next year.

How did you find your first season in the NCU?

Very enjoyable. The weather was brilliant and the cricket was of a good level.

I’m sure you’re delighted with how you played personally?

Yes. I wanted to work on some aspects of my game and I am glad with how I progressed throughout the season.

It seemed like you fit in really well at CSNI. Did you enjoy the club?

I did enjoy the club. I made some good friends and the club chairman, Ivan McMinn, is an exceptional human being.

Do you feel they are capable of pushing on and achieving something special?

Yes. Hopefully CSNI can build from this past season and make the right decisions when it comes to crucial aspects of the team and the future of CSNI’s cricket.

Time for the one everyone wants to know: Will you be returning/planning to return in 2019?

Good question. It all depends if CSNI would want me back for another season. We will see how it unfolds.

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